1  Starting Points
2  Time Management & Organization
3  Prospecting
4  The First Meeting
5  Preparing and Presenting Your Proposal
6  Price Objections: The Art of Negotiation
7  Dealing With Customers
8  Buying Signals
9  Catching The Big Fish

We call Dave ‘The World’s Greatest Salesman’ when he speaks at our conferences, but it’s really not his sales talent that we value. It’s his ability to teach us, clearly and logically, with great stories as examples. ”Tom Crouser, President, CPrint®

“Dave Fellman has been a great resource for our entire network. He’s an excellent role model for a professional salesperson.” Don Lowe, CEO, Franchise Services Inc. (Sir Speedy Printing, PIP Printing, Signal Graphics, Multicopy)

“If you are serious about sales, and looking for that ‘edge’ in the industry, you need this book! Dave Fellman delivers the best techniques and secrets in this easy-to-read guide—strategies proven to work and embraced by sales professionals across our chain of sign companies.” Teresa Young, President, Sign Biz

“Dave has finally written down all the great tools and techniques he has taught us through the years, if you really want to know how to sell printing and business forms, this is the book you should read!” Steve Visio, President, EDC

“There are lots of ‘sales experts’ out there, but this one actually knows something about selling signs. It’s obvious that he’s had to make a living doing exactly what we do.” Mike Lauretano, Vice President of Sales, Lauretano Sign Group

“Most of what I’ve read about selling is long on theory and short on common sense. Fellman is exactly the opposite.” Eric Liggett, General Manager, Kent Communications​

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10 FABEA Takes FAB To Another Level
11 Printing For (Non) Profit
​12 The Winds Of Change
13 Value vs. Pain
14 A Feminist Perspective On Printing* Sales
15 Networking Groups
16 Tracking Your Progress
17 Now What?

Published in 2009, Sell More Printing!* is Dave Fellman's long-awaited book on printing, forms, signage and promotional products sales. It's a comprehensive guide to selling these four closely related products in the modern marketplace, and it includes an online appendix containing a variety of downloadable selling tools, all of which are referenced in the book. Here's the chapter listing, followed by a few testimonials.


Sell More Printing!*
*and Forms and Signs and Promotional Products


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