The "big money question" for many printers and sign manufacturers is how to increase sales. If you need help finding the answer to this critical question, your best first step is to contact Dave Fellman for a comprehensive Sales & Marketing Audit. Dave will help you to evaluate your currents sales & marketing activities, set reasonable and attainable goals for the future, and build a solid sales/marketing plan to accomplish those goals!

A Typical Sales & Marketing Audit Requires 1-1½ Days,

although that will vary depending on the number of inside and/or outside sales personnel being evaluated. You should plan on one hour for each inside sales/customer service employee and half a day for each outside salesperson. The evaluations of outside salespeople are conducted primarily outside of the shop, and part of the pre-planning process will be for each salesperson to set 1-3 appointments during the assigned timeframe. Program Cost: $1800 per day plus expenses.

Each Employee Evaluation Also Includes A Training Component.

In addition to evaluating each sales/customer service employee's current skills and attitude levels, Dave will begin the process of "training in" new skills and attitudes. His written report will address ongoing training and development strategies, and suggest appropriate resources.

All Of Your Current Marketing Activities Will Be Evaluated,

including everything from Yellow Pages advertising to Direct Mail to your Internet presence. Dave will help you to understand what parts of your current marketing program are working and should be continued, and what parts are not working and should be modified or scrapped completely.

You'll Set Reasonable, Attainable and Measurable Goals,

starting with an overall sales volume objective, and continuing with "component goals" for each individual sales/marketing activity, including specific sales objectives for each individual salesperson.

You'll Learn How To Be An Effective Sales/Marketing Manager!

The "end product" of the Sales & Marketing Audit is a comprehensive written report and sales/marketing plan. The report will detail the strengths and weaknesses of your current sales/marketing personnel and strategy. The marketing plan will provide you with the roadmap to reach your goals.

Your Sales & Marketing Audit Can Also Cover:

  • Owner-As-Salesperson Issues
  • Hiring New Salespeople
  • Sales Compensation
  • Mailing List Sourcing & Management
  • New Product Development
  • Any & All Sales/Marketing Concerns!

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To learn more, call Dave at (919) 363-4068, or e-mail your name and telephone number to dmf@davefellman.com. Dave will call you for a detailed discussion.

Don't Just Hope For Sales Growth...Make It Happen!

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