The Printing Sales DNA Project and The Sign Sales DNA Project were conducted during the 1st and 3rd Quarters of 2015 respectively. Both of these research studies were promoted through industry publications and associations and via social media.

A total of 536 usable responses were received for the Printing Sales DNA Project, ranging from full-time sales representatives and owners in the full-time sales role to part time salespeople and owners/managers with no sales responsibility. Respondents came from large commercial printers, quick/small commercial printers, large format/ specialty printers, reprographic printers and print distributors.

A total of 276 usable responses were received for the Sign Sales DNA Project, again ranging from full-time sales representatives and owners in the full-time sales role to part time salespeople and owners/managers with no sales responsibility. Respondents came from franchise and independent sign shops, regional and national electric sign manufacturers/installers, sign distributors/installers (no manufacturing) and large format/ specialty printers.

In both studies, respondents were asked to rate the importance of 20 "success factors" (see below). The comprehensive reports include breakouts of data by job responsibilities, type of printing company, age range and experience range. They  also include analysis and commentary by the Project's originator and manager, Dave Fellman

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Printing/Sign DNA Project Success Factors:

Energy: The willingness to work hard, getting as much done as possible every day.

Creativity: The ability to work smart, coming up with solutions to problems, obstacles and objections.

Persuasive Drive: The inner need to get people to say “Yes.” People with high ego drive get great satisfaction from convincing others to agree with them; in this case, to agree to talk/meet with them and ultimately buy from them.

Dollar Drive: People with high dollar drive are motivated by money. They work hard and smart to maximize their earnings opportunity.

Courage: The willingness to ask provocative questions and to challenge objections. (NOTE: Creativity is the ability to come up with a response to an objection. Courage is the willingness to execute that response; essentially to tell people why they should agree with you rather than disagree.

Resilience: The ability to handle and bounce back from rejection.

Empathy: The ability to accurately and objectively perceive another person’s feelings.

Sociability: An outgoing/extroverted personality; being a “people person.”

Technical Product Knowledge: General knowledge of printing processes and specific knowledge of the company’s products and capabilities

Applications Product Knowledge: An understanding of how the printing is used in the customer’s business and the ability to consult/advise on ways to make the printing work better.

Hunter Skills: An organized approach to prospecting for new business.

Hunter Attitude: A commitment to prospecting for new business. This can include both prospecting for new customers and prospecting for more business/new opportunities with current customers.

Questioning Skills: The ability to lead a sales conversation with questions, both to uncover opportunity and to keep the customer engaged.

Listening Skills: The ability to hear and understand what the other person is saying. (NOTE: The other person can be a customer, a co-worker, or a manager.)

Presentation Skills: The ability to describe the printing company’s capabilities and value proposition.

Convincing Skills: The ability to handle obstacles and objections and close the sale.

Negotiation Skills: The ability to negotiate effectively, resulting in a win-win scenario, not simply a price concession.

Improvement Attitude: Eagerness to learn and willingness to be trained and/or managed, because better skills and management should produce better results.

Team Skills and Attitude: The willingness and ability to work well within the team which includes both the sales side and the production side of the business.

TMOP Skills: Time Management, Organization and Prioritization.

The Printing/Sign Sales DNA Projects