RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is a guide to better communication -- and better relationships! -- with everyone who is important to your business. It's about employees who are engaged with you, not just showing up every day and working for a paycheck, but understanding and working with you toward your goals. It's about customers who are equally engaged, which helps you to gain new customers and maximize the value of each current customer relationship. Finally, it's about suppliers who are true partners, not just people/companies who sell you things. How does this happen? Better communication, maybe involving a different approach to communication, but it’s all here in the Rules Of Engagement for the modern marketplace.

en·gage verb
to cause someone to become interested or involved in an activity

Paperback, 223 Pages $21.95 (plus $4.95 shipping)

Dave's co-author, Brian Adam is the president of Olympus Group, a family business which began as a maker of flags, and has now grown to be a leader in grand format printing, with five locations, more than 200 employees, and more than $30 million in annual sales. In 2017, Glassdoor named Brian one of its Top 25 CEOs To Work For.