This is a recording of the most critical content from a two-day Printing Sales Clinic. Each of the 8 CDs contains approximately 1 hour of material. For rookies or veterans, this program presents solid fundamental skills and a proven approach to printing sales in the 21st Century!

  • Disc 1: Prospecting in the 21st Century
  • Disc 2: Time Management and Organization
  • Disc 3: Questioning Skills
  • Disc 4: Preparing and Presenting Your Proposal
  • Disc 5: Overcoming Price Objections
  • Disc 6: Get All The Value From Every Customer
  • Disc 7: The Marketing Side Of Selling
  • Disc 8: Goalsetting & Achievement

Dave presented more than 30 two-day Printing Sales Clinics between 2004 and 2008, in cities across the United States and Canada. The tuition for these programs was $495, not including travel and lodging expense.

Dave Fellman's Printing Sales Clinic on CD
8 Hours of Printing Sales Training on 8 Audio CDs

Dave Fellman's Sales & Marketing Tool Kit

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36 Profit Building Sales & Marketing Letters​
What Would A Series Of Really Good Sales & Marketing Letters Be Worth To Your Business?

Writing good, solid, compelling sales and marketing letters is a rare talent. These 36 letters were written by Dave Fellman to be more than just casual correspondence...they're arranged as 9 complete marketing programs; for prospecting, selling more to existing customers, revitalizing inactive accounts, gaining referrals, and even credit and collections situations. Click here to view the letter lineup.

Special pricing: $69

The 30-30 Target Marketing Program
A Highly Innovative E-Mail/Voice Mail Marketing Program!

Voice mail remains a significant obstacle for most quick/digital/small commercial printers in their selling efforts, and e-mail represents a largely untapped marketing medium. To address both the problem and the opportunity, Dave Fellman has created a very innovative e-mail/voice mail marketing program, a series of 30 "30 second commercials"-deliverable via e-mail and/or voice mail -which add up to a complete and easy-to-implement marketing program that will gain you new customers and more orders from current customers. The 30-30 Target Marketing Program CD contains 10 Prospecting Messages to develop business from new customers, and 20 Penetration Messages to develop more business from your current customers-along with 3 "bonus tracks" which provide follow up messages after the first appointment, a first quote opportunity and a lost quote situation. The 30-30 Target Marketing Program CD also contains detailed instructions on how to use the program most effectively.

More effective and less expensive than direct mail in the modern marketplace!

Special pricing: $69

Special pricing: $325

37 Profit-Building Sales & Marketing Tools For 
The Quick/Digital/Small Commercial Printer

A comprehensive set of sales and marketing tools to help you grow your business! The Tool Kit CD contains Quark Xpress, PDF, and Microsoft Word files, giving you the ability to quickly and easily produce:

  • 9 Customizable Sales/Presentation Tools including 2 "flip chart" presentation props and 7 product/capability demos.
  • 15 Customizable Sales/Promotional Tools including 5 sales letter programs (a total of 23 sales letters), 3 direct mail postcard programs (a total of 16 postcards), lead and order-generating direct mailers and a highly innovative coupon program.
  • 11 "Ready To Go" Sales/Organizational Tools which will help you and your sales team achieve maximum effectiveness in sales organization, contact management and new business development.
  • 2 Sales/Sales Management Educational Tools covering digital printing and sales management issues.

The Sales & Marketing Tool Kit CD also includes a comprehensive, 51-page Owner's Manual which will clearly explain the best way to use each tool. Click here to view the Owner's Manual which will provide you with thumbnail illustrations of the tools themselves, along with the instructions on how to put each tool to use for your business!

Special pricing: $269