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A Few Miscellaneous Articles...

Lessons Learned From Falling Out Of The Sky  This is the first article I wrote after my airplane crash in October 1999. It tells some of the story of what happened, and several lessons I learned that can be applied to your business.

Barroom Nights  This one has nothing to do with printing. It's a piece my father wrote when he was a Sophomore in college. I posted it on my Facebook Business Page as a tribute on Father's day 2011.

Thinking Big  Comments on a record set for the largest print job in history. Also some thought on employee training programs

The Good And The Great   Great printers don’t generally have any better equipment, any more sales skill, or any greater technical talent. What they usually do have is a better understanding of the subtleties of the market.

Way South In Australia   The Australian printing market is in many ways similar—and in several ways very different—from the US market.

Turning Pro, Selling In Partnership, and My Box Is Better Than Your Box  A series of three articles written for a White Paper published by the North American Graphic Arts Suppliers Association.

Valuable Brokering InFORMation   An article on business forms as a specific product for printers, written early in my writing career for Quick Printing.

Are You Camera Ready?  My first article published in Quick Printing comes last in this collection.