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Some things you might find of value...

Top 20 Customers Business Category Survey  (PDF file, 28.5 KB) This is the survey Dave recently announced on the Printing Sales Professionals, Market Your Printing Company, Girls Who Print and Quick Printing groups on LinkedIn. Download the form here, and fax it back to Dave before December 31, 2010. All participants will receive a free copy of the resulting report.

How Happy Letter (PDF file, 41KB) Time and time again printing salespeople hear the words "We're happy with our current printer." This letter is a tool with which to address that objection. It doesn't always work, unfortunately, but it does give you something to work with!

Sales Recruiting-Networking Letter (PDF file, 48 KB) This letter provides you with an opportunity to identify solid sales position candidates outside of the normal “help wanted ad” strategy. For more information about developing your ideal candidate profile, download Starting Smart Into Outside Sales (below).

Starting Smart Into Outside Sales (PDF file, 4.06 MB) Dave's 40-page guide to hiring, training, managing and motivating printing, signage and promotional products salespeople. 

Donation Letter (PDF file, 8 KB) Printers are often asked to make donations to customers/prospects or their favorite charities. This is easy to handle when you’re going to say “yes,” but a touchy situation when the answer has to be “no.” Here’s a letter that can give you some guidance on the right way to say “no.” 

First Appointment Prospect Interview Form (PDF file, 88 KB) This is the "15 Questions" selling tool Dave referenced in his June 2004 Column in Quick Printing. You should also download First Appointment Prospect Interview Form Instructions (PDF file, 45 KB) 

Sample 100 Foot Tracking Spreadsheet (PDF file, 8 KB) This PDF file is an example of the 100 Foot Tracking Process I use to measure salespeople's progress in building relationships with their suspects and prospects. The working spreadsheet is usually maintained in Microsoft Excel, or some other spreadsheet software program. 

Sample 150 Foot Tracking Spreadsheet (PDF file, 35 KB) This PDF file is an example of a 150 Foot Tracking Process which extends the tracking process to customers and tracks your maximization efforts. Again, the working spreadsheet is usually maintained in Microsoft Excel, or some other spreadsheet software program. 

Weekly Sales Productivity Scorecard (PDF file, 421 KB) This is the Weekly Sales Productivity Scorecard form which Dave has referenced in his columns in both Quick Printing and Wide Format Imaging. This format should be personalized to reflect the "action standards" you have assigned to your own salesperson. 

Sales Call Planning & Report Form (PDF file, 4 KB) This is the Sales Call Planning & Report Form that Dave referenced in his column in the August 2003 issue of Modern Reprographics. 

Marketing Action Planner (PDF file, 3 KB) 

Marketing Calendar (PDF file, 4 KB) 

"Solutions Provider" Script (PDF file, 6 KB) This is the e-mail/voice mail script that Dave mentioned in his May 2004 column in Quick Printing. 

“We Haven’t Heard From You In A While”  (PDF file, 6 KB)This is the letter Dave referenced in his November 2003 column in Quick Printing. 

What Drives The Buying Decision — (PDF file, 388 KB) This is the document Dave promised to post during a recent ISA Discovery Series Seminar. It lists a group of 26 decision-driving factors which were identified during a focus group session with printing buyers, and it also lists the Top 10 factors identified after surveying more than 10,000 printing buyers and asking them to rate the original list according to their individual importance.

It's Time To Invest In Growth!  (PDF file 2.54 MB) This is the Quick Printing magazine ad Dave referenced on his Facebook Fan Page on February 27, 2011