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Building Sales Inside The Printshop Video Seminar​

Don't be satisfied with order-takers at your front counter...build sales and profits by teaching your inside sales/customer service people how to really sell! This 2½ hour video seminar will help you teach your staff how to recognize and deal with competitive forces, use all of their selling resources, handle each sale in manageable parts and use each sale to lay the groundwork for the next one.

Hundreds of quick/digital/small commercial printers have used the Building Sales Inside The Printshop Video as the foundation of a series of sales meetings with front-counter employees. If you watch for about 40 minutes and then talk for 20 minutes more about how to implement these techniques in your printshop, you'll complete the video — and a very solid training program! — in just four meetings!​

Pleased note that Building Sales Inside The Printshop was recorded in 1994, and much has changed in the printing industry — and in life in general! — since then. The sales principles Dave teaches are still relevant, but the program is somewhat dated.

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PRINTSELLING 2.0 Video Seminar
3 Hours of Printing Sales Training on 2 DVDs

The live PRINTSELLING Seminar was presented more than 200 times across the US, Canada, England and Australia. Attendees hailed PRINTSELLING as "the best presentation" of printing sales strategy and technique available, and thousands of post-seminar evaluation forms expressed comments like "excellent," "a very logical approach," and "a completely realistic approach to printing sales." PRINTSELLING is "definitely worth the time and money" as many printers have reported.

The first video version was released in 1992, and Version 2.0 was released in 1997. As Dave said then, "The PRINTSELLING seminar has evolved considerably since I first started presenting it in 1991. Over the course of so many live presentations — and nearly six more years of sales management and consulting — I've modified my perspective on what a printing salesperson has to know and focus on in order to succeed. The seminar has changed as printing markets have changed. This new version reinforces the most important points from the original presentation, and adds new elements that will contribute even more to your selling success-or that of your salespeople!"

NOTE: The next evolution of Dave's live seminar program was the 2-day Printing Sales Clinic, followed by a single-day version, titled 21st Century Printing Sales Skills & Attitudes. That material is available in audio format only (see "Printing Sales Clinic on CD" above). The most up-to-date presentation of Dave's selling strategies and techniques is available in book form (see Sell More Printing!)

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