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NEW! A Distance Learning Version of
21st Century Printing Sales Skills & Attitudes!
I’m pleased to announce a distance-learning version of 21st Century Printing Sales Skills & Attitudes. Over the last 3-4 years, I have presented this seminar in more than 20 cities across the United States, 4 in Canada and 3 in Australia. Hundreds of printing salespeople have attended, some even traveling long distances to take advantage of the training opportunity. This new version will allow you to learn at your own location, in 6 1-hour blocks as opposed to taking a whole day out of the field. It will also include an hour of one-on-one time with me. Here are the segment descriptions:  

Week 1: Time Management and Organization — A fundamental issue for many salespeople! Time is money, but if it’s not managed well, the payoff is never what it could be/should be. This segment  will introduce 5 proven ways to improve time management and organizational skills and increase productive selling time.

Week 2: Prospecting   Time is money, and customers are money too. A salesperson who isn’t making enough money probably doesn’t have enough customers! I define “prospecting” as an activity chain which begins with the identification of “suspect” companies, and ends with the first face-to-face meeting. This segment will define a step-by-step, process approach to prospecting, facing each of the many prospecting challenges in turn and gaining those all-important first meetings.

Week 3: Questioning Skills — The first face-to-face meeting represents the end of the prospecting stage and the beginning of the convincing stage. It also represents the heart of the opportunity stage, and the objective of that stage is to learn about the prospect — not just to make a “presentation” about your company’s products and services and capabilities, but to identify the hot buttons that will turn some of those prospects into customers.

Week 4: Preparing and Presenting Your Proposal — How do you stand out from the crowd in a quote or bid situation? Part of the answer is to think in terms of a proposal rather than simply a quote. What’s the difference? A quote simply tells the buyer what you’re willing to sell a job for. A proposal tells that buyer why he/she should buy from you! This segment will cover proposal strategy from what documents to include to how to keep price in its place.

Week 5: Negotiation Skills & Strategy — Price objections are among the hardest objections to handle for most salespeople. This segment will teach you that negotiation is about more than just lowering your prices. You’ll learn how to address value, cost and price — in that order! — earning respect, and increasing the chances of winning the order without giving up all of the profit.

Week 6: Networking in the 21st Century — Most of the “buzz” in the sales community these days is about Social Media Networking. There’s no question that these networking opportunities have potential, but how do you make them work for you, and are they really any better than “traditional” networking techniques? This segment will stress that the most important part of networking has always been the working part, and will teach you how to make the most of all of your networking opportunities — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, BNI, Chamber meetings and mixers and others you may never have even thought of.

The next “presentation” will kick off on Monday, November 5 at 12:00 noon Eastern Time, and continue through the next 5 Mondays at the same time. (Each segment will be recorded to allow for schedule conflicts.) Please note that these are not webinars, but rather small-group conference calls, with a maximum of 10 participants, allowing questions and dialog. You will not need a computer, only a phone line, and you will dial in on a toll-free number. I will provide you with a PowerPoint “handout” as a note-taking guide for each segment.

The cost of this program is $195 per participant. The hour of one-on-one time can be used at any time during the 6-weeks of the program and for 30 days afterward. It can be used in one session, or in multiple conversations. All or part of this hour can be used by the attendee, or by his or her employer to discuss sales management issues.

For more information, call me at 919-363-4068 or e-mail me at dmf@davefellman.com. Click Here To Register

I've been asked why I'm doing these programs as tele-seminars rather than webinars. The answer has more to do with convenience than anything else. I have presented a lot of webinars over the last 5-6 years, and I've been told by attendees that the on-screen element doesn't really add much value. That would be different, I suppose, if my presentations included photos or video or complex graphics, but being tied to a computer just to be able to see words on PowerPoint slides doesn't make a lot of sense — especially when I can provide you with those words in a "handout" format which can also serve as your note-taking guide. Using the tele-seminar format, all you need is a telephone, giving you much more flexibility in scheduling your day. I have been told that's a benefit. Please let me know if you disagree!